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English and Humanities

  • U104-454 Modern African Prose and Poetry in French
  • U244-205 Greek and Latin Origins of Medical Terms
  • U244-370 Classical Mythology
  • U350-102 Freshman Composition
  • U350-201 Intermediate Composition: The Essay: Inspiration, Order, and Insight
  • U350-269 American Indian Literature
  • U350-312 Willa Cather
  • U350-323 History of the English Language
  • U350-324 The Structure of English
  • U350-431 Ernest Hemingway
  • U350-611 The Contemporary Short Story
  • U400-271 Introduction to French Literary Analysis
  • U400-313 Introduction to Business French
  • U400-347 Introduction a la Civilisation Francaise
  • U400-454 Modern African Prose and Poetry in French
  • U448-120 Modern European History 1815 to the Present
  • U448-393 The Civil War Era, 1848-1877
  • U448-699 Independent Reading in Wisconsin Native American History
  • U601-110 Introduction to Communication
  • U660-101 Appreciation and History of Music
  • U660-206 Legendary Performers
  • U736-101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • U912-224 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • U912-326 Survey of Spanish American Literature

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