The Civil War Era, 1848-1877

The Civil War Era, 1848-1877

3 Credits

History 393 is an upper-level undergraduate course exploring the history of the United States during the slavery debate, the Civil War, and the period often called “Reconstruction.” It is designed to help you build a number of important skills, including:

• Understanding and assessing primary sources
• Understanding and assessing historical arguments and debates
• Presenting original and coherent written arguments based on primary and secondary materials
• Applying historical knowledge and skills to contemporary debates and representations

The course readings include book-length and shorter works of history, as well as a variety of primary source documents, including slave narratives, political speeches, and other personal and political writings. Visual materials are presented through the course to provide another perspective on this era. Concluding course units invite students to explore the ongoing contests over the Civil War’s memory and meaning.

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