Full-Time UW Students

If you are currently enrolled as a full-time student at any UW System institution (other than UW-Stout), you may be eligible for enrollment in an Independent Learning course without paying additional tuition. You are responsible for paying any course fees and course materials costs. For general information about multiple-campus enrollments, see UW System Administrative Policy 805, section 6, A, A.15.

To enroll in an Independent Learning course without paying additional tuition:

  1. Meet with your adviser to determine your eligibility for concurrent enrollment in a UW Independent Learning course. If eligible, complete the required campus approval form and secure all required signatures*.
  2. Once you’ve secured your campus approval, simply locate your course in the catalog, click “Add to Cart” and proceed to checkout to pre-register. When you reach the Payment Options screen, choose the “mail/fax/phone/purchase order” option and indicate “UW Tuition Waiver” and select your campus as you proceed to “Submit Registration.”
  3. Once you pre-register for the course you will receive an automated confirmation email from Independent Learning letting you know we received your pre-registration with follow up instructions for submitting your campus approval documentation.

*Special notice to UW-Milwaukee students: UW-Milwaukee students must receive prior permission from their advising office for concurrent enrollment. Additionally, approval of a tuition waiver in an Independent Learning course may be contingent on enrollment by the add deadline in the semester in which you aim to enroll. Please connect with your advisor for further guidance.