Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics

3 Credits
Business, Mathematics

The goal and objective of this course is to teach students the framework principles behind microeconomics. Economics is the study of how entities make decisions to allocate resources that are scarce in nature. Microeconomics focuses on the decisions of individuals and firms in particular. Students will learn economic terminology and philosophy that will provide a strong basis for understanding and analyzing current public policies and events. Topics of this course include consumer and firm behavior as well as market and public sector economics. The tools introduced and learned in this course will be primarily diagrammatical and mathematical in nature. Oftentimes students may have some difficulty at first employing the tools learned and utilized in economics courses. However with consistent hard work, these tools become quite intuitive and even easy to use.

Course Information

Delivery Method
Completion of 2 years of high school Algebra and 1 year of high school Geometry with a C or better, or the equivalent.
Course Level
Time to Complete
Up to 6 months from registration date

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