Military Background Students

Veteran Benefits for Independent Learning Students 

If you are currently serving in the U.S. military, or are a U.S. military veteran, there are state programs available to help you meet your educational goals through the Independent Learning program. You can take advantage of a variety of educational benefits offered through your military branch.

To learn more about your specific benefits, we recommend that you contact your local county veteran’s service office. An overview of the types of benefits that you can use for Independent Learning courses is provided below.

To enroll in an Independent Learning course using Military Benefits:

  1. Review the current Independent Learning Course Catalog and identify the course you’d like to enroll in. Click “Add to Cart” and proceed to checkout to pre-register.
  2. When you reach the Payment Options screen, choose the “mail/fax/phone/purchase order” option and indicate “Military Benefits” and select “WI State Benefits” and proceed to “Submit Registration.”
  3. Once you pre-register for the course you will receive an automated confirmation email from Independent Learning letting you know we received your pre-registration with follow up instructions for securing and submitting required documentation.
  4. Once we receive and review all of your documents we will reach out with information regarding any balance due on your account and how to provide payment for them. notify you amount of your balance due. Once your payment is received you may begin your courses.