Introduction to Pharmacology

Introduction to Pharmacology

3 Credits
Health Sciences

This course introduces basic concepts of pharmacology and terms used and provides a framework to understand drugs and their administration. Unit I is a basic but comprehensive review of pharmacologic principles, introducing students to the subject of drugs, their sources, and uses in treating disease. Drug calculations are simplified into two step-by-step processes, so students become. Students study medication preparation, steps in calculating dosages, supplies, and specific information on each route of administration through textual and video components. In unit II, students examine drug classifications through descriptions and characteristics of common drugs, their purposes, side effects, precautions or contraindications, and interactions. In addition, patient education is highlighted for each classification of drugs to bring an awareness of the importance to health care professionals to assist in patient teaching and answer questions about the medications they take.

Course Information

Delivery Method
Grade of C or greater in Human Biology (U200-115), or General Chemistry with Lab (U1905-101), or equivalent
Course Level
Time to Complete
Up to 6 months from registration date

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