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U912-204 Fourth Semester Spanish

Spanish 204 is the fourth course in the Spanish language sequence. In this advanced intermediate level course, students will develop a greater understanding of grammar concepts introduced earlier in the sequence. Through textbook-based activities, written assignments, reading activities, and speech acts, students will practice grammatical forms and new vocabulary in guided, meaningful settings. Course materials are selected and designed to aid students in developing a greater understanding of the diverse Spanish-speaking cultures.

Course Syllabus

Course Information
PrerequisitesCompletion of U912-203 Third Semester Spanish with a C or better or the equivalent; Appropriate for second-year or higher college students
Credits4 undergraduate credits
Assignments & ExamsSee Syllabus
Delivery MethodOnline
Course Start DateDate payment received
Course End Date1 year after start date
Registration DeadlineNone
Course Tuition*$1308
Administrative Fee$75 (nonrefundable)
Total Tuition and Fees$1383 (not including materials)
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Course Materials
De paseo: Curso intermedio de espaƱol
(ISBN: 9781439084380) Edition: 4th
You will want to create a learning center account with the publisher for this online textbook. Instructions are provided within the course.

Check the syllabus to find out whether your materials are optional or required.

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