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U428-104 Second Semester Greek

Continuation of Greek 103. You will explore more advanced topics of grammar, such as the subjunctive and optative moods, the passive voice, complex sentences, conditionals, the genitive absolute, and all remaining tenses not discussed in Greek 103 (future, perfect, and pluperfect). Reading passages, continuing the narrative begun in Greek 103, include adapted passages from Herodotus, Thucydides, and Aristophanes.

Course Syllabus

Course Information
PrerequisitesGreek 103 or consent of adviser
Credits4 undergraduate credits
Assignments & ExamsSee Syllabus
Delivery MethodPrint
Course Start DateDate payment received
Course End Date1 year after start date
Registration DeadlineNone
Course Tuition*$1308
Administrative Fee$75 (nonrefundable)
Total Tuition and Fees$1383 (not including materials)
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Course Materials
Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek, Book II
(ISBN: 0195149572) Edition: 2nd

U428-104 Course Guide
Edition: current
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