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U416-120 Global Physical Environments

Explore the breadth and complexity of earth’s environments. Topics include the structure of the atmosphere, the flow of energy in the earth-atmosphere system, tornadoes and hurricanes, the distribution of terrestrial climates, geographic distribution of flora and fauna, internal processes and plate tectonics, denudation processes, soils and water resources, the aeolian and glacial processes that shape arid and postglacial landscapes, and a variety of human impacts. Numerous animations reveal the dynamics of the phenomena discussed in the course.

Course Syllabus

Course Information
PrerequisitesHigh school graduation, GED, or consent of adviser.
Credits3 undergraduate credits
Assignments & ExamsSee Syllabus
Delivery MethodOnline
Course Start DateDate payment received
Course End Date1 year after start date
Registration DeadlineNone
Course Tuition*$981
Administrative Fee$75 (nonrefundable)
Total Tuition and Fees$1056 (not including materials)
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Course Materials
Ice Age Deposits of Wisconsin, map
freely available at

Landforms of Wisconsin, map
freely available at

Physical Geography, with CD
(ISBN: 0132239019) Edition: 9th

Quadrangle of Big Falls Dam, Wisc., map
(ISBN: 0607584815)
Available for free. See syllabus for download instructions.

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