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Foreign Language

  • U244-205 Greek and Latin Origins of Medical Terms
  • U244-370 Classical Mythology
  • U400-101 First Semester French
  • U400-102 Second Semester French
  • U400-203 Third Semester French
  • U400-204 Fourth Semester French
  • U400-227 Intermediate French Language and Culture
  • U400-271 Introduction to French Literary Analysis
  • U400-313 Introduction to Business French
  • U400-347 Introduction a la Civilisation Francaise
  • U400-454 Modern African Prose and Poetry in French
  • U424-101 First Semester German
  • U424-102 Second Semester German
  • U424-203 Third Semester German
  • U424-204 Fourth Semester German
  • U424-391 German for Reading Knowledge
  • U428-103 First Semester Greek
  • U428-104 Second Semester Greek
  • U508-101 First Semester Italian
  • U508-102 Second Semester Italian
  • U524-103 Elementary Latin I
  • U524-104 Elementary Latin II
  • U524-203 Intermediate Latin
  • U524-204 Introduction to Latin Literature
  • U912-101 First Semester Spanish
  • U912-102 Second Semester Spanish
  • U912-203 Third Semester Spanish
  • U912-204 Fourth Semester Spanish
  • U912-224 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • U912-225 Third Year Language Practice
  • U912-226 Third-Year Grammar and Composition
  • U912-311 Advanced Language Practice
  • U912-322 Elementary Survey of Spanish Literature: 12th to the 18th Centuries
  • U912-324 Elementary Survey of Spanish Literature: 19th and 20th Centuries
  • U912-326 Survey of Spanish American Literature
  • U912-407 Miguel de Unamuno

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