French 227: Intermediate French Language and Culture

French 227: Intermediate French Language and Culture New

3 Credits

In this course, students will enrich their interpretive, presentational, and conversational skills in French by studying, analyzing, and creating work in various styles of expression both modern and traditional. Students will interpret written and oral examples of expression in French, analyze the characteristics, and create stylistically similar works of their own. Along the way, students will review and use intermediate level grammar structures and vocabulary to refine their expression in French. Students will also develop knowledge of various cultures through the interpretation of works and opportunities to reflect.

Course Information

Delivery Method
Four semesters of college French or equivalent. Intermediate; Appropriate for second-year or higher college students.
Course Level
Time to Complete
Up to 6 months from registration date

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Course Tuition $ 981
Adminstrative Fee $ 75
Total Tuition and Fees $ 1056*

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