Human Abilities and Learning

Human Abilities and Learning

3 Credits

This course will provide you with a developmental framework and analysis of pertinent educational research on human abilities and learning along with opportunities to practice critical thinking and application based on case study examples and collegial discussions. The emphasis in this course is on understanding the developmental processes in learners and the psychological principles related to effective teaching and learning. In addition to the developmental framework for learning and teaching, this course offers thoughtful consideration of the impact of sociocultural differences among students, such as ethnic background, family environment, and socioeconomic status. Also, this course emphasizes positive and creative approaches to address learning differences and abilities. You will be learning, analyzing, and creating applications for many important aspects of educational psychology, including theories of social development, emotional development, parent and peer relationships, sociocultural differences, cognitive development, perspective taking, moral development, motivation, productive learning environments, intelligence, learning differences, classroom management, instruction planning, and assessment.

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