German 101: First Semester German

German 101: First Semester German

4 Credits

First Semester German is designed for beginning students who have had no previous instruction in German and for those interested in a refresher course. The course begins with a lesson on German pronunciation and continues with instruction on reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary building, and Germanic cultural traditions. Through the use of a variety of audio and visual materials you will learn to read simple German texts, hear and understand spoken German, and communicate in everyday living situations. By the end of this course and Second Semester German you will have learned the basic survival skills necessary for communicating effectively in any German-speaking country.

Course Information

Delivery Method
None; Appropriate for advanced high school and first-year or higher college students.
Course Level
Time to Complete
Up to 6 months from registration date

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Course Tuition $ 1308
Adminstrative Fee $ 75
Total Tuition and Fees $ 1383*

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