Spanish 226: Third-Year Grammar and Composition

Spanish 226: Third-Year Grammar and Composition

3 Credits

This course offers in-depth exploration of Spanish language grammar, with practice in written composition. You will also view short films (cortometrajes) and read a number of contemporary cultural articles as well as two brief short stories.

Course Information

Delivery Method
Completion of U912-225, Third Year Language Practice, with a C or better or the equivalent
Course Level
Time to Complete
Up to 6 months from registration date

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In order to finish my degree from UT-Austin, I needed an upper division Spanish course. I chose UW Independent Learning because my adviser raved about the program based on other students’ experience. The course was extremely conducive to my schedule, as I was working full time and needed to be able to work on the class during certain hours and at my own pace. The professor was extremely accommodating and made sure I kept on track with the material. During the entire duration of the course she was very engaging and proactive in responding to questions I had. I would definitely recommend this program to other students!

Aubrey Leblanc


Course Tuition $ 981
Administrative Fee $ 75
Total Tuition and Fees $ 1056*

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