Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity

Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity

3 Credits
Ethnic Studies, Social Sciences

A cross-cultural perspective of human cultures and the methods used by anthropologists to understand them. After studying the origins of human culture and learning the fundamental concepts and definitions used by anthropologists, you will conduct in-depth explorations of the Yanomamö and the !Kung San. You will also explore the historical development and diversity of modern-day societies, discovering ways persistently marginalized groups in the United States negotiate the conditions of exclusion and marginalization.

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One of the strengths of this course is that the course materials (textbooks, online resources, etc.) are very well suited for the course and cover a broad range of anthropological topics. Another strength is that the individual essay topics are thought-provoking and extremely relevant to the textbooks and to the course. I feel like I have learned things that I will carry with me for a long time. One last thing that I loved about this course is the independent nature of the course. I am in an engineering field at my campus, and so my education has been highly structured so far. The nature of this course and the ability to finish things at my own pace is extremely refreshing. I really enjoyed taking this course!

What I found to be the biggest strength of this course was the flexibility. With my goal setting assignment, I had said that I planned to get things done quickly; however, with my last semester of nursing school, I ended up being busier than I thought I would be. Fortunately, the due dates are flexible with this course so I was able to focus on what I needed to at the time and get my work done with this course when I was able. That is HUGE. This is the reason I chose UWIL. I needed one more course and my campus did not offer a course that fit in my schedule with all of my nursing courses. For that, I thank everyone at UWIL for creating this option.

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